About Us

About Us

What We Do

We help both the candidate and employer with onboarding solutions.

Finding the right job and candidate can be a challenge in todays market. niftyHire.com was born out of the need to help local companies and community candidates find one another. After listening to pain points from employers and candidates we set out to create a better way to bring them together. If you are seeking employment, niftyHire.com allows you to see the company you are interested in joining, their culture, environment and the skills you need to be successful with them. The employer can also see the candidate’s talents and skill sets to determine if they will be able to perform and succeed in their companies’ culture. Both of these things are important when the company and candidate are making a commitment to each other. Essentially, the company and candidate want the same thing, people who are willing to work to create a culture where growth and success happen. niftyHire was built to help make dreams come true.   

Who We Are

We are a group of people dedicated to helping our community thrive. We do that by helping local candidates find meaningful, rewarding employment which improves their lives.  We help local companies create a workforce that will take their business to the next level while saving them time and money. When the candidate and the company are a perfect match, the business gets stronger, the economy improves, and our community grows.

Grow with us and help our community thrive!