Six Frequently Asked Questions

Your job postings can be seen on niftyhire.com. (you can also link to our site from your company site) Ask about this feature when you create your account and post your jobs.

No limits are placed on your account for candidates applying

Your job posting will go live after review, and you will start to receive resumes from applicants right away as they apply for the job.

It should only take a few minutes to complete the account setup and then you can start posting jobs. Please include your job’s title, location, description, and the email address where you want to have candidate applications sent for review.

You’re free to cancel any time. Depending on when you cancel there may be days left in the 30 day cycle that you can use. Jobs will still be posted until the 30 days are up and then be removed. 

No problem, just contact us at info@niftyhire.com