5 ways to calm your nerves before a big job interview

Getting pre-interview jitters is completely normal– however, it remains in your best interest to get your nerves in control so you can concentrate on making a great first impression.

Below are five methods to relax your nerves as you get ready for your job interview.

  1. Do your homework and be prepared. There is no replacement for interview preparation. Research the company completely, so you are not caught off guard by easy questions. Conduct a mock interview. Get ready for predictable questions like, “Why do you want this job?” so you can have a more thoughtful and articulate answer. There will normally be several curveballs thrown at you and some that are nearly impossible to answer, however being ready for as much as you can.
  1. Determine what to put on ahead of time. Get your power suit all set a day or two before the meeting. Study or inquire about ideal clothes for the company you’re speaking with, check the weather, choose what you’re going to put on, and let it hang in your closet until you’re ready to use it. Understanding what you’re going to put on will certainly conserve you time and difficulty on the big day.
  1. Go over your checklist the evening before. Make a helpful checklist of things you need to take or things to do prior to your meeting. Do not wait until the morning of your interview to go through the listing. If you need to take copies of your resume and cover letter, print them the evening prior to.
  1. Do what helps you relax. Whether it’s meditating, doing yoga exercise, or taking a bubble bath. Attempt to get rid of your pre-interview jitters by doing whatever helps you unwind. Also, try to get a good night’s sleep, so you do not have to stop a yawn while in the middle of your job interviewer.
  1. Get here early. One thing you do have control over is getting up to the interview at least 10 minutes early. This will give your potential new company the impression that you’re punctual and respectful of others’ time. To relax your nerves, give yourself plenty of time to arrive that way, you can take a few deep breaths before going into your interview.



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