Financial Aid

Financial Aid

If you need financial help to get the education you need there are resources available to you. Programs from the U.S federal government, your school, your state, nonprofits and even private organizations have been put in place to help make advancing your career more achievable. 

Types of financial aid include:

Grants: You don’t have to pay back. The Federal Pell Grant, for example, comes from the government, as most grants do. 

Loans: Money that you do have to pay back. Government-backed loans usually have low interest rates that are worth looking into, while private banks and other financial institutions may have higher rates. In either case, you need to understand your options and the overall cost in the long run. 

Work-study: On-campus employment offered through your school which allows you to earn money to help pay for your education. The U.S. Department of Education’s Student Financial Aid Office is there for you, to help you understand and apply for all types of aid.  To understand how much federal financial aid you qualify for, the FAFSA4caster gives you an instant estimate when you provide some basic information.If you’re ready to start the application process for federal aid, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  

Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship

Money is available to assist qualified students with the costs associated with attending a HOPE eligible postsecondary institution in Georgia. To see if you qualify, go to Hope Scholarship